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Below is the tabulation for Ancient DNA processed from publicly available raw files. If you want to convert SRA/FASTQ files yourself, you can use SRA / FASTQ to BAM Kit. The ages mentioned here for the below ancient samples are based on what the authors mentioned in their papers.

You can use the Ancient Ancestry tool to compare your DNA with triangulated ancient DNA segments or get shared DNA percentage using Ancient Calculator.

Sample Name Sex Y-DNA Mt-DNA Approx. Age by authors
Altai Neanderthal F     50,000 years
Denisova F     30,000 years
Palaeo-Eskimo M Q1a D2a1 4,000 years
Clovis-Anzick-1 M Q-Z780 D4h3a 12,500 years
Mal’ta M R U 24,000 years
La Braña-Arintero M C-V183 U5b2c1 7,000 years
Motala-12 M I-L460 U2e1 7,000 years
LBK F   T2c2 7,500 years
Loschbour M I-L460 U5b1a 8,000 years
Ajvide58 M I-CTS772 U4d 5000 years
Gökhem2 F   H1c 5000 years
Hinxton-2 F   H2a2b1 1300 years
Hinxton-3 F   K1a4a1a2b 1300 years
Hinxton-4 M R-DF25 H1ag1 2000 years
Hinxton-5 F   H2a2a1 1300 years
KO1 M I-L68 R3 5650-5780 cal BC
NE1 F   U5b2c 5070-5310 cal BC
NE5 M C-F3393 J1c 4990-5210 cal BC
NE6 M C-P255 K1a3a3 4950-5300 cal BC
NE7 M I-L1228 N1a 4360-4490 cal BC
CO1 F   H 2700-2900 cal BC
BR2 M J-M67 K1a1a 1110-1270 cal  BC
IR1 M N-M231 G2a1 830-980 cal BC
Ust’-Ishim M K-M526 R 45,000 years
Kostenki14 M C-V199 U2 38,700-36,200 years
RISE00 F   H5a1 ~2000 years
RISE94 M K-M1221 K1a2a 4025 years
RISE97   CT-Y1580 K2a5 3590 years
RISE98 M R-M405 K1b1a 3736 years
RISE150     U5a1b1 3469 years
RISE174     W1 1521 years
RISE395 F   U2e1 3540 years
RISE479 M I-L1228 T2b ~2000 years
RISE493 M Q-L712 C4a1c 3214 years
RISE495 M R-F3105 D4j1  
RISE496 F   U5a1a2a 3070 years
RISE497   F-P142 A2f2  ~2000 years
RISE499 F   H5a1 ~2000 years
RISE500 F   U4d1 ~2000 years
RISE502 F   U5a1d 3140 years
RISE503     U2e2 3328 years
RISE504 M J-CTS3732 C4a1d 1208 years
RISE505     U4a1b 3391 years
RISE509 F   T2c 4186 years
RISE511 F   J2a2a 4224 years
RISE523     G2a1 3192 years
RISE548 M R-L23 U4 ~2000 years
RISE552 M I-S12195 T2a1a 3940 years
RISE569     H1af2 ~2000 years
RISE577     T2b ~2000 years
RISE601 M   M8a1 ~2000 years
RISE602 M J-M410 C4 ~2000 years
Bot15 M C-PH3092 B4a1a1a ~1600 AD
Bot17 M C-Z31878 B4a1a1 ~1600 AD
Kennewick Man M Q-M199 X2a 8358 years
Mezmaiskaya Neanderthal F     29,000 years
Tianyuan     R 40,000 years
Afontova Gora-2 M R1? R 17,000 years
Motala-1 F   U5a1 7,000 years
Motala-9 F   U5a2 or U5a1f1a1 7,000 years
Motala-6 M   U5a2d 7,000 years
Motala-2 M F-P139 U5e1 7,000 years
Motala-4 F   U5a2d 7,000 years
Motala-3 M I-M258 U2e1 7,000 years
Hinxton-1 M R-L151 K1a1b1b 2000 years
Ajvide53 F   U4d 5000 years
Ajvide59 M I-PF3796 U5b2c1 5000 years
Gökhem7 F   H 5000 years
Ire8 M I-CTS6343 U4d 5000 years
StoraFörvar11 M I-CTS4077 U5a1f1a 7500 years
Gökhem4 M CF-M3690 H 5000 years
Gökhem5 F   K1e 5000 years
Ajvide52 M HIJK-F929 HV0a 5000 years
Ajvide70 F   U4d 5000 years
NE4 F   J1c 5050-5290 cal BC
NE3 F   X2b 5010-5210 cal BC
BR1 F   K1c1 1980-2190 cal BC
KO2 F   K1 5570-5710 cal BC
NE2 F   HV 5060-5290 cal BC
V2 M   U2e1’2’3 1500-1100 BC
M4 M   B2 1350 BC
K8 M   R 450-400 BC
NA43 M   B4b’d’e 1000-1500 AD
AusAboriginal M F-M235 O1a 100 years
NA41 M   L3 1000-1500 AD
P192-1 M   U3b 800-500 BC
T2G2 M   H1c9a 850-700 BC
NA42 M   D1 1000-1500 AD
NA50     B4b’d’e 1000-1500 AD
NA47     L3 1000-1500 AD
NA40     L3 1000-1500 AD
NA39 M   B2 1000-1500 AD
Feld1 Neanderthal       42,000 years
Sid1253 Neanderthal       49,000 years
Vi33.16 Neanderthal F     38,310 years
Vi33.25 Neanderthal F      
Vi33.26 Neanderthal F     44,450 years
Tyrolean Iceman M CT-M5825   5300 years
RISE1   C-IMS-JST029149 K1b1a  4117 years
RISE21     N1a1a2  3092 years
RISE42  M CT-CTS2711 H2c1  3681 years
RISE179  M CT-L1462 K1a3  3556 years
RISE207   CT-CTS4650 J1  3130 years
RISE210  M CT-CTS1217 T2a1a  3105 years
RISE145 M F-M89 H6a1b  3677 years
RISE47 M F-P146 I  3153 years
RISE61 M IJK-L15 J1c 4071 years
RISE71     H3b  3701 years
RISE139     U2e  3645 years
RISE154 F   K1a4a1 3522 years
RISE109 F   U4b1a3 3544 years
RISE240 F   U5ald1 4160 years
RISE247 M I-L1228 H11 3372 years
RISE254   GHIJK-Z12203 J1c9 3631 years
RISE394 F   U2e1e 3532 years
RISE175 M F-M235 T1a1 3025 years
RISE486 M I-CTS4272 J1c1b 3595 years
RISE487   I-CTS6231 H2c1 4557 years
RISE374 M G-F3344 T2b 3402 years
RISE412 F   U4c1a 2885 years
RISE408   J-CTS8974 I5 2908 years
RISE396 F   H6b 2879 years
RISE416   J-Z1842 K1a17a 3259 years
RISE373 F   K1a2a 3476 years
RISE413 M R-M415 T2c 3493 years
RISE392 M R-P233 J2b1a2 3626 years
RISE489 M I-PF3736 X2c 4185 years
RISE386 M R-P231 J1c1b1a 3775 years
RISE397   R-L23 T1a2 2807 years
RISE407   CT-M5805 H8a 2827 years
RISE423 M E-CTS677 T2a 3038 years
RISE431 M K-M526 T2e 3762 years
RISE512 M K-M526 U2e1 3119 years
RISE525   R-M306 I  
RISE494 M R-P245 I4a 3081 years
RISE484     T1a1  
RISE446 M R-M207 U5b1c2 4015 years
RISE492 M R-FGC5628 D4b1a2a2 2257 years
RISE550 M R-M520 U5a1 4312 years
RISE480     U5a2a  
RISE483   CT-M5751 H2a1  
RISE276 M R-L265 T2b 2525 years
RISE516 F   H6a1b 3725 years
RISE349 F   T2b3 3588 years
RISE371 F   U5a2b 3653 years
RISE471 M R-P310 J1c1b  
RISE596 F   X  
RISE600 M Q-M25 K2a5  
RISE434   P-P239 U4 4161 years
RISE435     J1b1a1 4094 years
RISE436 M CT-CTS3662 N 4124 years
RISE391     N1a1a1 3612 years
RISE567     U5b2c  
RISE595     U5a2d  
RISE598 M   R 2590 years
RISE555   R-CTS623 N1a 4082 years
RISE553   P-F91 F1b 2731 years
RISE515 F   A8 3810 years
RISE547 M R-CTS8728 T2a1a 4175 years
RISE560 M R-P234 U5a1a1  
RISE562 F   H2a1e  
RISE554   R-S504 F1b1 2782 years
RISE507/8     U5a1a1 4423 years
RISE559 F   H  
RISE563 M R-P310 K  
RISE568     H  
RISE566 M R-P310 H2a  
RISE586 F   k1b1a2  
RISE510 F   J2a2a 4040 years
RISE564 M R-L51 HV  
RISE524   R-PF6494 J2b1 ~2000 years
RISE546 M R-PF6482 U5a1d2b ~2000 years
T*P1       5000-4500 years
N*P1       2000 years
AB40       2150-1750 years
VN48       3800-3500 years
AG037       10000 years
BAR100       8400 years
NG21-10   CT-M5751 R0 6600 years
H*P1     N 6300-6100 years
Hung2*P1       6300-6100 years
PF811   N1a1a2   6300-6100 years
Black Death Victim #8291     H1 1348 AD
Oase M F-P158 N 37,000 42,000 years
MARC1492     A2i